Covanos, Inc.
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Cardiac and Vascular Technologies


Covanos Inc., a development-stage medical technology company, has developed technology, called C-HEART, that uses advanced, proprietary mathematical methods and computational fluid dynamics to assess non-invasively the hemodynamic significance of blood vessel obstructions. It is designed to help guide clinical decisions regarding revascularization as well as determine the risk of future coronary events such as heart attacks.  Covanos is developing its first application, to evaluate coronary obstructions, using PC-based workstation point-of-care solutions that build upon the data from CT angiography images of the heart to provide crucial clinical information to the physician in near real time. This is a transformational and disruptive technology that addresses critical unmet medical needs for fast, accurate, non-invasive methods in the evaluation of chest pain in emergency departments and stable angina in outpatient settings, among others. The applications for this technology are numerous and have the potential to address important markets in vascular disease.

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Initial Addressable markets

More than 50% of the cardiac catheterizations performed yearly in the US and Europe are ultimately deemed both medically and financially unnecessary as, contrary to expectations, they demonstrate no obstructive coronary disease. This is a large market, since in Europe alone, there are approximately two million cardiac catheterizations performed annually. Covanos’ first product in development, C-HEART, will markedly reduce patient risk and annual healthcare costs for unnecessary, invasive diagnostic testing. By determining the functional impact of obstructive vascular disease from non-invasive and readily available coronary CT images, C-HEART will become a highly cost-effective part of diagnostic best-practices to determine whether a patient would benefit from more invasive and expensive procedures (coronary artery catheterization, angioplasty, stent placement or bypass grafting) to improve blood flow across obstructive lesions.


C-HEART is the first of multiple products based on Covanos’ growing platform of proprietary breakthroughs in computational fluid dynamics and mathematics. The platform utilizes readily-available non-invasive, imaging modalities such as coronary computed tomography angiography coupled to an on-site, PC-based workstation, to determine in near real time both the anatomy and physiology of vascular disease.

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A Next-Generation Competitive Advantage

•High diagnostic accuracy

•Rapid integrated report (<30 mins)


•Complete data integrity and IT security