Covanos, Inc.
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Next-Generation Computational Vascular Diagnostics


Covanos is Developing Next-Generation Computational Vascular Diagnostics

Covanos, Inc. was founded at the Emory University School of Medicine (Atlanta, GA) based on a decade-long research collaboration of multi-disciplinary leaders in the fields of interventional cardiology, biomechanical engineering, computational fluid dynamics and mathematics. Covanos, Inc. was incorporated in 2017 to advance a diversified and risk-mitigated portfolio of proprietary medical diagnostic products, from research to clinical development and into the commercial marketplace.




Atlanta, Georgia, USA

London, UK

+1 470 401 2483


About us

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Our mission

To address  large critical unmet medical needs in vascular disease to reduce unnecessary invasive procedures,  improve patient care and clinical outcomes, and reduce healthcare costs.

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We are a research and development stage company developing a suite of next-generation digital medical diagnostic software solutions for vascular disease  based on advanced mathematical methods and computational fluid dynamics.

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Our goal

To enable near real-time, point-of-care, clinically relevant diagnosis of both the anatomy and physiology of vascular disease in a single, non-invasive imaging test.

We are developing innovative medical diagnostic products in a broad range of major clinical indications in cardiac and vascular diseases.
With higher physician-institutional acceptance, these solutions will improve patient care and outcome, and enhance quality of life,
while reducing healthcare costs.
— Dr. Russ Medford, CEO